Circa Survivor Football Contest

April 6, 2020


As mentioned in the Circa Million post, Circa Sports has been making major contest announcements and none may be bigger than the announcement of the Circa Survivor contest. This is the first of its kind, a high stakes Las Vegas NFL Survivor League! The rules are simple, no spread is involved, just pick a different NFL winner straight up every week, outlast the competition, and become the Circa Survivor to take home $1 MILLION! But wait, they added a twist. To make things a little more interesting, Thanksgiving Day will be its own “contest week.” You still will not be able to use the same team twice during that added week so it is important you factor that into your season-long strategy early in the season! Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s more, they are including an “Undefeated Bonus Prize”! Regardless if the contest ends before Week 17 and a winner is crowned, that entry that is left surviving will move on to the next week to make a selection and attempt a perfect record (18-0). If that entry succeeds they will cash in on an extra $1 MILLION on top of the 1 Million they have already won. $2 Million dollars just to pick straight-up winners!! If by any chance more than one entry remains but no Contest Weeks remain, the Contest will end and the $2 Million is split equally among all entries that successfully submitted a selection in the final Contest Week.

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