Golden Nugget Ultimate Football Challenge

August 2, 2018



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Ultimate Football Challenge – The entry fee is $1,000. Top 20 contestants win cash prizes. Must sign up by September 8th, 10 PM PST.

Contestants can have up to 3 entries into the Ultimate Football Challenge.

Contestants don’t have to be Nevada residents to enter but ALL registrations must take place in person at the Golden Nugget Casino. Registrants must sign up with your proxy. Please click the link below to reserve your appointment time.

Format for Ultimate Football Contest: Contestants pick 7 selections against the spread, from all NFL sides and NCAA Division I FBS college sides—excluding first-half lines—and receive one point for a win or ½ point for a tie (push). The team with the most accumulated points over 17 weeks, starting September 9, is declared the winner.

For further contest rules please see attached form – CLICK HERE



golden nugget football contest

Begins 09/12/2020 Ends 01/13/2021

Into College Football?

The Golden Nugget Ultimate Football Contest is Game On

It takes a lot of hard work and insight to tackle one of the fastest growing segments of sports betting head on, that being true handicapping of games on spread. Sport contests over the course of the season are a fast growing segment of a sportsbook, allowing lovers of all things football to engage weekly in the elation and nail biting that comes with watching your team dominate. The Golden Nugget knows that football is king and they have continued to innovate and provide a venue to one of the fastest growing contests in Las Vegas – The Ultimate Football Challenge. One of the great new pluses in the Golden Nugget Football Ultimate Challenge 2020 is that our KellyInVegas Proxy service can enter contest selections for you via the Golden Nugget app. This service is not available outside the State of Nevada. The addition of the app has allowed us to push out our window on accepting your submissions, as final pick placement must be in by 10 pm Fridays at the Nugget. Using KellyInVegas makes it possible to get your weekly choices in closer to game time than ever before by being in on time and ready to win.

The Golden Nugget revamped their popular Friday Football Showdown several seasons ago to make it more user and fan friendly, at a lower buy-in so more people could participate over the 17 weeks of play. Buy-in for the Ultimate Football Challenge is only $1,000, paid in cash or Golden Nugget chips. You can utilize the services of a proxy to place your picks each week. KellyInVegas is set up to be able to make your seven weekly game spread choices at the latest available time, unlike any other proxy service in Nevada.  You can use the valuable information you gather over the week, and have your insightful picks to KellyInVegas Proxy Service in time to make cut-off. KellyInVegas makes those plays for you for one reasonable fee, with no shared winnings or commission percentages on your earnings. With 20 winners in the Golden Nugget Ultimate Football Contest, you have a professional proxy service place your picks, and you keep your winnings. That is a win-win by anyone’s estimate.

Golden Nugget Football Contest is Unique

What makes the Golden Nugget Ultimate unique is you have access to parlay on both NCAA and NFL teams. It is the only sports contest in Nevada to offer both pro and college games for your picking pleasure. The format is also a bit unique for sportsbooks in the state, in that you pick seven teams from all National Football League (NFL) and National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (NCAA Div I FBS, excluding first half-lines) each week for the seventeen weeks of the season, ending January 1, 2021. You receive one point for each win and half a point for each tie (push) from your picks. Games start on September 9, 2020, and the team that ends with the most points after end of play January 1, 2021, is declared the winner.

A participant can have up to three entries or “teams” in the Golden Nugget contest, each with an entry price of $1,000 cash or Golden Nugget chips (no credit cards accepted). You can name your team or just use your real name.  Note that if you have multiple teams with the same name, they will be designated via -1, -2, -3 per Nugget policy.

KellyInVegas is Your Football Contest Proxy – Here’s Why

The Golden Nugget does require, as do all sportsbook venues in Nevada, that you visit in person for your initial registration and have your proxypresent at that time. You do not have to be a Nevada resident to participate, but you do have to come in person for the initial registration, and be 21 years of age to participate. (See the full rules for the Golden Nugget Ultimate Football Contest at their site for participant restrictions.)

With most companies, you have to come to a general registration with a throng of people and proxies waiting.  Our service is different.  KellyInVegas has a convenient online booking process to set up those appointments, and have your file ready to go. Your time is best spent watching the game or enjoying the rest of your visit to the Golden Nugget Las Vegas when you come to town, and not standing in a cattle call registration process. Click below to sign up for your scheduled appointment time and your personal KellyInVegas proxy will meet you at the Golden Nugget to sign up for the season. Sign-ups for the 2020 contest close Tuesday, September 8, 2020, at 10 p.m. PDT.

KellyInVegas Proxy Service has the latest client submission time in the entire state. We believe that knowledge is power, and your insights and up-to-the-minute fact-finding can give you the edge in the wildly popular and variable world of football contests. We offer the latest submission times of any proxy company, and have fail-safe procedures in place to make certain that submission deadlines are not missed, such as duplicate proxy approvals and cards for your accounts. We pride ourselves for our on-time, accurate pick placement for our clients. Our many positive reviews back it up when we say we offer the best proxy service in Las Vegas.

A big reason to utilize a professional proxy like KellyInVegas is 17 weeks is a long time when you have to come to the Golden Nugget to place those seven picks week after week. It is especially inconvenient if you live out of state and have to travel to do so. The cost of the travel weekly plus accommodations can easily exceed the reasonable fee charged by KellyInVegas, and with no commissions or percentage of earnings required by Proxy Service, you keep your earnings – all of them.

Golden Nugget Contest is True NFL and NCAA Handicapping

When you have a previous NCAA football player and vapid pro football fan in charge of the operations like at the Golden Nugget, you get a true football contest. The Golden Nugget is the only venue with true handicapping. Every NFL team and every Div. I – NCAA FBS team is available for your picking pleasure every week of the 17 season weeks of the Golden Nugget Ultimate Challenge 2020. Real football for real fans, and a real contest for really serious football contest contestants. That is what sports handicapping ought to be!

If you have questions, need clarifications, or want to know more about how we provide terrific, accurate proxy services for football contests based on integrity and reasonable, flat fee pricing, contact us at  If you have decided to utilize our expertise and experience to your cutting edge advantage in picks for the Golden Nugget Football Challenge 2020, click the link below to sign up for your appointment time. Enjoy the season more with professional proxy services from KellyInVegas Proxy Service.