How Does Sports Bet Work: Sportsbook Betting Dummies Basics

December 13, 2020

General Information

There Is No Sports Betting for Dummies…Really, There Isn’t, Dummies That Is

It does not take long to figure out how to bet on sports, and how sports betting works. A lot of people joke around about being a dummy about sports and the sports betting that comes out of an interest in the outcome of the games, but what about points spreads, and how do odds work in sports betting? It takes just a little attention to a few details and a little sports betting explained so you, too, can enjoy the exciting world of sports book. So, just how does betting on sports work?  Often it is a simple wager between friends with each thinking their favorites will win. In Las Vegas, however, how sports betting works is the participant (player) goes into a venue (usually a casino offering a sports book) and obtains a betting card. The teams correspond to numbers on the overhead screens or boards, and are on your card. You mark the team you think will win. Sports betting is similar to all gambling where there are gambling odds, or the percentage chance of winning on that particular wager. Those odds are shown by pluses and minuses on the stated matchup listing. We’ll talk a little later about how to figure them out.

How To Sports Bet is a Mix of Knowledge, Feeling, and Persistence

Some people feel a little overwhelmed when they walk into a sports book location and see all the boards, games running, and numbers. Once you orient yourself, though, it is not hard. Picking out a team to win, or by how many points, or betting on the points spread just takes a little thought, some hunches and luck, and if you really want to win in bigger contests, persistence and study. While many people only bet on “their team”, sport betting how to really comes into play in larger contests that stretch over the course of the regular season or some portion of it. An example would be the NFL season, generally 17 weeks. In those contests, which carry big payouts if you win, you place your “picks” weekly with the venue by a set deadline time and day before the contest starts. You win by making the most correct picks over the course of the season, accruing points as you go. Many of the large sports contests such as at the Westgate, Golden Nugget, and Circa pay out millions of dollars each year in football contests alone. Learning what affects a team, how they play under certain conditions, studying the sites that run statistics on the games, and a bit of patience and good fortune go a long way towards potentially winning one of the many cash payouts in those contests.

A Simple Understanding of How Betting on Sports Works

The easiest way to explain sports betting in a venue is the player decides they want to bet on a team, a points spread in a particular game, or other type of bet. They get a card with numbers corresponding to the teams posted on the screens or boards, mark it appropriately, and pay a wager. That wager is against odds which let you know how much you will win as profit above your wager if you are correct. There are a number of different kinds of sports wagers that can be made, and how to bet is determined by everything from who will make the first touchdown in a game (proposition betting) to a futures bet, as in who will go to the playoffs.

Everyone Has Their Own System of How To Bet On Sports

Just like what goes into the chili for the Super Bowl party, everyone has their own recipe for how to potentially win at sports betting. It often starts for casual players wagering on their favorite team, or their least favorite team and they bet against them. More serious players often have systems how to bet based on watching the games, knowing the player and team stats, and even things like how a certain field or playing condition such as winter weather can affect performance. Whether it is some personal formula you use, or serious study of the data and facts, no one can dispute the excitement and adrenalin that runs high when a serious match-up hits the gridiron. One thing is for certain, though, sports betting participants are dedicated. It is important to follow the rules of the venue, make sure your picks are in on time, and that you cover every single week your contest occurs during in the larger contests.

Sports Betting How To Is Not Hard

Most people who enjoy the thrill of sports betting already are sports enthusiasts, watch games, know their teams, and are familiar with players. Probably some of the most important things to remember when you are betting in a venue are to be on time and courteous. The ticket writers work very hard to get to every player in a timely manner, and will help you if you have questions. It is considered good sportsmanship to tip your ticket writer when you win, or for good service. Being able to handle when you loose or your team blows a play is also good form, because it truly does happen to everyone. We all know that anything can happen on that fifty-yard line on any given game play.

Once you have a taste of the excited rush that comes with watching and winning on your wagers, you might want to consider one of the bigger contests in Las Vegas. You do need to register at the venue for the season prior to the deadlines, and the individual locations all have websites to inform you of those cutoffs. You also need to know the cutoff times and how you need to place your wagers. The nice thing is in Nevada, once registered, you can use a proxy service to place your weekly contest picks and you do not have to go every week before cutoff to place your picks.  Personally I like kellyinvegas because they charge a flat fee and not part of your winnings. They also have been around a very long time and have a solid, honest reputation. Sports betting can be as simple as a single bet, or as large as one with a seven figure payout. The fun, and choice, is up to you.

What Do Odds of +200 Mean?

I promised to let you in on how odds are read. Odds are basically a wager based on the probability of something happening. In America we kind of have our own system of how odds are listed, and what they mean. Odds are posted in what is called a money line, which simply put is the amount you would make if you win when you place a $100 wager. There are no point spreads or any kind of handicap given on money lines. Odds that show a +200 mean you would receive $200 more than your $100 investment if you won, for a total of $300 back to you. This is called a straight bet. You will sometimes see those listed as 2/1, called a fractional odd. There is also a system called decimal odds where it would show as simply a 3 for the 300 off a 100 bet. Odds vary by contest and even between sports book, so it is a good idea to get familiar with them as they affect how much you can win to a great extent.