How To Bet on Football in Las Vegas

December 16, 2020

General Information

The Ultimate Sports Bet: How to Bet on Football in Las Vegas

You already are watching the games, sometimes on several tubes at the same time. You check the stats during your break at work on your phone. You talk football at lunch, bet on games among your work friends, and it’s the first thing you rib your buddy about it when he calls. So what is stopping you from taking the next step and putting some real muscle into your football betting since you are already betting on games? Make your sports bet count more by sport betting where there are big pots to be won – bet on sports in Vegas. Here is a little info on how to bet on football in Vegas. You will quickly see it is not complicated, but can be a lot of fun.

Betting In Vegas on Football is Fun and Easy

Betting on football in Vegas or any sports can be as simple as going into the casino sports book, looking at the matchups and finding the team number and/or odds you want to place a bet for, then giving that bet number and your wager to the ticket writer. In some places you can pick up a betting card at the sports book and fill it out yourself by looking at the numbers on the screens or boards displaying the teams playing and by observing what the odds and other spread information states. You turn in the card with the amount you want to wager, and you get to enjoy the excitement of watching the game. On most sporting events, football included, this is a “straight bet” and would pay 10/11, in other words, your bet on game is $10, and if your team wins with the points spread, or odds, you would make $11 on top of your $10 wager. Football contests, however, are a different kind of sports betting in Vegas.

You Bet On Games Every Week of the Season, or Some Part of the Season

Football betting in Vegas has a huge following, and there are some serious season-long contests that carry very big potential pay outs if your season points total tops the contest. Betting in Vegas football contests requires that you go in person to register before the cutoff date and time for the season sign-up at the particular venue.  If you are using a proxy service such as kellyinvegas to place your weekly contest picks, the proxy must attend the registration with you. It is easy to arrange to have proxy bidding done for you, saving you time and often expense to have to go to the sports book every week before cutoff times to place your picks. I particularly like kellyinvegas Proxy service because when betting football in Vegas there can be enormous potential winnings. Other services get a percentage of your winnings. kellyinvegas charges a very reasonable flat fee for their service. No surprises, no sharing your pot of gold.

Big Returns Are Possible When Betting on Sports in Vegas

Betting on sports in Vegas generally relies on odds, or the percentage chance that a particular team will win or loose, often by how much of a spread. In football contests the large purses are generated more by the number of participants in a particular contest rather than the house doing the math and figuring who is more likely to win. Registration fees for the big contests for football bets in Vegas, which can run a portion of the season or for the whole season, generally run $500 to $5000. It is not uncommon for potential winnings to exceed $1M or well more. That is a lot of tailgating party cash.

To Bet on Games You Don’t Have to Be in Vegas Once Registered

One of the great things about being in Nevada is you can bet on football online from the comfort of your home. If you want to come to the venue, come on down! There is electricity in the air during any number of heated challenges, and you will find cheering fans from all sides at the venues. If you are not a Nevada resident, though, you might think Las Vegas football betting would be out of the question. However, Nevada allows non-residents, even international customers, to register in person and have a proxy take care of your game picks without you having to be present. Using a proxy service makes sport betting football easy and convenient. Your proxy will know the rules and regulations, cut off times, and other pertinent information. Choosing a reliable service with a great reputation is important so you know your picks get in on time to make sure you get credit for your picks that week. Their reputation should be impeccable, because after all, they are handling your money investment.

You Don’t Have to Be There to Bet on Sports in Vegas

While you do not have to be there to participate in sports betting and football contests in particular, you do need to have some preparation and thought into your football betting. It is always a good idea to do some research into the matchups, and what the people who study the games and wagering on games say. Know what the predictions are on point spread and how betting football odds works. Try and remain focused on facts and gut feelings, and try to keep emotions in check. Everyone has a favorite team, but being realistic about how they are performing can help make your sport betting more likely to put you on top.  Appreciate the wins and know loses come with the game. Being responsible and attentive to being ahead, however much, is important to your enjoyment of the game. Remember, no one wins all the time. On that point, it is good to do a little note taking on your picks, wins/loses, and things that have affected your wagers. These notes can be very helpful when you are betting on game statistics and team performances leading up to a big contest such as the Super Bowl.  

Bet on Sports and Have Fun Betting Football

Most of all have fun and get into the spirit of the ultimate sports deck – sports betting in Las Vegas. You can bet as little as you want, or as much as you are comfortable. It is simple to get a betting card and mark it, or give your choice to a ticket marker. Then sit back and enjoy the game, get wrapped up in the rush, or be comfortable in your favorite chair with the beverage of choice and watch the game while your proxy handles your picks. Las Vegas sports betting makes it easy and fun with some potential returns to make you smile.