Is Proxy Betting Legal?

September 22, 2020

General Information

When I am out and about in Vegas checking out the various sports book venues, I often get into conversations with people who are watching the games, the posting boards, or otherwise intent on figuring out what is going on. You can tell who they are because they often are not nearly as excited, hooping and hollering, or looking concerned, when a pass is dropped as the other participants who are super into the game. Many times I will approach them to start a friendly conversation as you meet some of the neatest people visiting our beautiful town. I ask where they are from (because nearly everyone is from somewhere else) and if they are registered for the sports contests and big prize money. When they say no, I always ask “Why not?”  The usual answer is either they don’t really understand what is going on, or they are not from here (which Kelly in Vegas Proxy Service can easily remedy), or that they are not sure it is legal where they live. That is when I get to share some reassuring expertise with visitors to our terrific area.

Proxy Betting is Legal and Approved in Nevada…and Beyond!

It is nice to let visitors who are interested in sports contests know that not only is participation legal and you do not have to be a Nevada resident to play, you can also utilize a very helpful service like Kelly in Vegas Proxy Services to place those picks for you if you live out of state. It is all legal and approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission. I also explain that the NGC is one of the most thorough and well-monitored systems in the country, making sure contests are fair, rules are spelled out, and your participation is protected.  Proxy betting allows you to utilize the service of a company like Kelly in Vegas to place your picks on time, according to the rules, and before deadlines. Our reputation and references let you know we run a company that treats your picks like they were our own. We have redundant operational systems in place to cover everything from weather and power outages (rare problems in Las Vegas) to traffic jams and illnesses. Having a reputable, respected proxy service lets you place your picks, knowing they are being handled responsibly and on time. You get to watch the game and holler and hoop along with the big dogs, not stand in line to place picks with sweaty hands, worrying you missed a deadline.

Sport Proxy Betting is Not Only Legal, It Is Highly Helpful

Because the rules are so tight, it is super important to know them and follow them at every single venue at which you participate in sports contests. Every one is a bit different, with different deadlines, varying numbers of total contests and entries you can participate in, and how much your buy-in must be as well as the deadlines and dates. Having a proxy service you meet at the venue and set up with one visit to act on your behalf makes it very easy and reassuring that your picks can be done effectively and efficiently, following every rule. With really good services like Kelly in Vegas, your picks are guaranteed to be in on time, according to the rules, or we place the rest of the season free of charge for you, period. We know timing can be everything, especially during the critical playoffs. Having a proxy means you have a company recognized and approved for proxy service at the venue of your choice, without having to worry about the potential issues that can easily arise with no-face no-name Internet companies. The NGC is clear – you must come to the venue with your proxy in person to register. Every staff member at Kelly in Vegas knows the state policy and regulations, and we follow them to the letter. This protects you and assures you of the finest experience possible. Our duplicate team system assures that no matter what, we will get your picks in on time, correctly. Legal? Totally. Helpful? Absolutely. Improves your ability to enjoy the contest and games? We guarantee it.

New to the Game of Sports Betting? You Are in Good Hands With Kelly in Vegas

When I do get a chance to meet those new people trying to figure out the sports contest world and its potentially lucrative payouts, I get a lot of pride out of helping people interested in participating to learn more about how the whole system works. We have many years of experience in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada at sports venues in a variety of locations. We know the rules, and we are known and respected as a business that does what we say. We also know how to explain to new participants how the system works, what deadlines are, how much it will cost you to buy into the contest, and other information. There is no charge for the service, because we know that helping new clients understand makes their experience a lot better and our services more valuable.

We truly enjoy helping expand the kind of players that enjoy sports contests, as it truly is what makes Vegas, Vegas. Everyone has a shot at those beautiful payouts, whether it be through serious study of the games and players and stats, or sheer grand luck or blessing. We have placed bets for some of the biggest winners in sports contests in the area for many years. If you would like some information about how sports contests work, and how we can help you, feel free to give us a call. We are the only proxy service in Las Vegas that charges a flat fee – no commission, no percentage, nothing off the payout. We run like a business, so you know exactly what we can do for you, how we do it, and what it will cost. Our fees are very reasonable to take care of your contest picks over the course of the entire season, or for a special shorter period contest during playoffs or the like.

If sports contest picks interest you, and you would like to find out how to easily and painlessly get your picks in on time, correctly placed, contact us. Kelly in Vegas can take care of those picks if you live in Nevada, on the East Coast, or even overseas. Give us a call, ask questions, and enjoy our top-notch customer service. We would love to explain the fun, fast, intense world of sports picks to you and share how we can help.