Westgate SuperBook SuperContest

April 6, 2020


After a record number of signups last year, the SuperBook wasted little time in 2020 and started taking signups for the Westgate SuperContest on January 13th, 2020. Among one of those early signups were our customers Eric Jensen & Matt Kucera aka It Aint Breezy. They collected their winning check and rolled a small portion of it back into the contest, excited about the new SuperContest changes the Westgate SuperBook had announced. One of which is the 2020 SuperContest payout structure had been expanded and the submission cutoff time had been extended.

One of the major changes in the 2020 SuperContest was the in-season payout structure. “The SuperContest pays out four (4) $135,000 in-season Quarter Bonus cash awards to the contestant (s) that accumulate the most points during the time frame of the respective quarterly contest.” The quarterly structure is as follows:

1st Quarter Bonus: Weeks 1-4

2nd Quarter Bonus: Weeks 5-8

3rd Quarter Bonus: Weeks 9-12

4th Quarter Bonus: Weeks 13-16

“Quarter bonus payouts will be on the following schedule: $100,000 will go to first (1st) place, $25,000 will go to second (2nd) place and $10,000 will go to third (3rd) place. Contestants tying for Quarter Bonus places will equally split the aggregate prize money for the respective place.”

Lastly, the cutoff time for contestants to submit their picks has been pushed back to Saturday night 11 PM. The previous submission time was Saturday 11 AM. This is a huge advantage to the contestants as it will allow them more time to handicap the games in checking the latest injury reports, weather and anything else that goes into their handicapping skills. This later contest cutoff time will also be reflected in our customer cutoff time as we want to offer our customers the greatest edge in picking winners.

The SuperContest GOLD (Winner Take All) and the SuperContest ReBoot (NFL Weeks 9-17) will also have these same extended cutoff times as the SuperContest.

To contact us with questions and/or schedule appointments to signup, please visit our contact page. Full rules are available at the SuperContest Rules, SuperContest Gold Rules, and SuperContest ReBoot Rulespages. Don’t miss out on the chance to win all of these cash prizes and make sure to use the most prestigious proxy service in Las Vegas, KellyInVegas Proxy Service!