What Are The Westgate SuperContest Payouts?

September 22, 2020

General Information

Westgate SuperContest Pays Out Boo-Coo Bucks

Having been around the sports contest venues for many years in Las Vegas, it got obvious real quick that the Westgate SuperContest is one of the highest payout sports contests in the region.  Just look around – it is hard to find any other venue that pays out over a $1,000,000 every single year, plus quarterly bonuses of $135,000 (1st – $100k, 2nd – $25k, 3rd – $10k) paid out each of the four quarters of the season).  The Westgate believes in passing the pigskin back to the people, and that means the more people who participate in their contests, the more skin in the game. You can buy into the SuperContest up to three entries.  A bunch of bucks comes back to the best picker (or luckiest) of outcomes during the seventeen-week regular season.  It is not just one player who gets some of the big money, either – the top 100 contestants get payouts, with the top total score for the season getting the huge moolah payout at the end. With a low buy-in of only $1,500, any and everyone has a shot at big money and boo-coo bucks at the Westgate.

Just how rich are the Westgate SuperContest Payouts?

$1,469,644.80 Rich                                                        

Last year (2019) was a record year for participation in the Westgate SuperContest, and it sure showed at season end when one lucky and accurate contestant took home $1,469,644.80. That was on top of the 100 other top players who got payouts!  I don’t know about you, but there is a lot I could sure do with that kind of payout money. The great thing is that player also got to enjoy the games and participate in the fun of being part of the biggest pot of payout money at a sports contest venue in the area.  For me that makes possibly winning that kind of money even more enticing. Watching your favorite team whoop up on some other unfortunate team feels great, but the opportunity of getting rich for picking scores and spreads while watching it makes it even sweeter! The Westgate SuperContest has a long history of being the top paying sports contest in Las Vegas, and Kelly in Vegas is proud to be an approved proxy provider, licensed by the State of Nevada and Clark County to handle proxy betting at the Westgate. We have placed picks for a LOT of winners over the years that have used our services to make certain their picks were in on time, followed the rules, and were placed correctly. The chance to get rich with no stress? Priceless.

You Don’t Have to be a High Roller to Get a Shot at Westgate SuperContest Payouts

One of the things we really like at Kelly in Vegas Proxy Service about the Westgate SuperContest is you do not have to be Daddy Warbucks to participate. There is a low buy-in of $1,500 for the entire season – all seventeen weeks!  That combined with our low proxy flat fee (we have never believed commission or percentages are in the best interest of our clients) makes the Westgate SuperContest accessible to just about anyone who wants to participate in an exciting, dynamic sports contest. The Westgate also has clear rules of play, and it is easy to figure out how to place your picks. You pick five pro teams to win. It is simple as that. You can leave getting those choices placed to us, knowing that your pick will be in before the deadline and correctly placed. If there is ever any issue, we have the strongest guarantee in the industry. We believe anyone who wants to be part of the exciting world of sports contests ought to be treated to top service with a smile and the work done right, whether high roller or rookie.

When you do the math, the Westgate pays out over $2,000,000 each and every pro football season to players in the sports contests. The participants are from all over, as you do not have to live in Nevada to participate. We are really proud to say that the 2019 winner of the Westgate SuperContest was our client and we placed their picks for the entire 2019 season. Don’t forget that the Westgate also has the SuperContest Gold contest, a winner-take-all event with a $5,000 buy-in, as well as the Late Season SuperContest Reboot with a low buy-in of $500. Those contests have their own humongous pool of cash to payout, above the $2 million!

“I Don’t Live Here” – Kelly in Vegas Proxy Service Has an Easy Fix For That

The Westgate SuperContest has such a good reputation and is so well known that it is almost a household name among sports contest participants. Sometimes people who would like to play, though, do not realize that you do not have to live in Las Vegas or even Nevada to play. You can literally live nearly anywhere in the country, or world for that matter, and have a quality proxy service take care of placing your picks at the Westgate on time and correctly every week. It is fully legal and regulated by the state gaming commission, and the Westgate is very particular about who they recognize to handle proxy placements in their venue. That is why you must come to the Westgate in person during registration with your proxy server to register. It is the only time you have to come in person each season, however, which means if you live on the East Coast, you can have Kelly in Vegas handle your picks and you can watch the game from the pleasure of your living room or man cave (or she shack for that matter!). We have full backup service handling in place, so nothing can or will get in the way of your critically timed and researched picks being placed professionally and on-time. Save a lot of time and expense traveling, protect your health, and let us take care of your sports contest picks for you at a reasonable flat fee.