What is a Proxy Bid?

April 6, 2018

General Information

“Those Sports Contests Look So Cool and I Know I Can Do It…”

It’s football season! You’ve been a fan for years, and decided to try your brain and luck at the exciting sports contests and their big pots of moolah at season’s end.  After all, you watch every game you can cram in on weekends, weeknights, and even watch replays. Why not go for the touchdown on some potentially big winnings and have some fun along the way by signing up for one of the sports contests that are known throughout the world as some of the coolest games in town?

It is a simple matter of registering by deadline, paying your entry fee, and placing your weekly choices for wins and points. Wait! Weekly? You mean I have to come to the casino by a certain time with no exception every week to get my choices in? Yup, and it can be time consuming, expensive, and a pain. You can also use a proxy bid to make your life a whole lot easier so you can enjoy your favorite sport.

When You Want to Enjoy the Game – And Be Able to Really WatchIt

More than likely you want to participate in sports contests for the potential payouts, right? But I am betting you also love sports and relish the adrenalin flow of the game itself. If you are having to fret over your pick getting in on time, navigating Las Vegas traffic (groan!), or even having to spend the time, money, and exposure of flying into town every single week to place your choices….well, it kind of ruins the fun of the game. Wouldn’t you much rather relax in your favorite lounger with a cold or hot beverage of choice and watch the game and relax?  You can do just that, without flying or driving anywhere after you set up a working arrangement with a reputable proxy service to take care of placing your sports contest choices for you every week. As for me, I say do it digital and get on with cheering on your favorite team while making note of tidbits that go into next week’s choices, all from the comfort of your man cave or she shack.

How Does a Proxy Bid Work?

If you have ever had an investment account through one of the big firms, you already are acquainted with a proxy vote system. Most often it is that annual mail you get asking you to let someone place your vote based on your shares for who is going to be on the board of directors.  Proxy bid is very similar in that you ok someone else to stand in for you to “cast your choice” but for sports contests. That person acts on your behalf to place your picks in a contest, usually weekly, for the team you think will win and often what the point spread will be. For a price, you get someone else to do the work, and you do not have to worry about it and can enjoy the game.

Or can you? One of the most important things in using a proxy bidder for sports contests is the responsibility of the person or company you use to place the pick. What is their reputation? Are they known for taking care of business on time and within all the rules of the venue?  Do they place exactly what you asked for?  How late can you enter a choice for that week’s contest?  And importantly, do they carry a guarantee that they will do the work they say they will do?  All those things are based on integrity, reputation, and longevity. If the company you use is vetted and approved by the sports venue (casino), you can bet they have their act together. Sports book locations not only have a lot on the line and their own reputation at stake, they have a very wide reaching and all-seeing gaming commission that is constantly looking over their shoulder to make sure rules are followed and every contest is run fair and square.

How Do I Know My Proxy Bid Will Be What I Want Done?

Proxy bets have to be placed according to a strict cut off deadline schedule and according to specific rules and regulations that the venue and gaming commission set. Just like any professional you hire, a good proxy bidding service will place your bid exactly according to your request and those policies, and will do so on time. As with any profession, reputation and word of mouth, as well as respect in the industry, go a very long way in keeping a business healthy and viable. Proxy bidding services are no different. The venues are very careful to only authorize companies they know have extremely high integrity and honor their service commitments to the letter, because it is a relationship that has fiduciary potential. When a company has been around a long time, has great (real) reviews, and is welcomed as a strong working partner with the sports book location, you can bet they do what they say they are going to do for their clients.

How Does The Sports Contest Venue Know What’s Going On and Who to Trust With My Picks?

Every sports contest venue, without exception, will require you to come in in person to register to participate in the contest. If you choose to use proxy bids for convenience or to reduce your travel time and expense, that proxy bid company will also have to be present in person with you at the time you register. The venue will verify their credentials and make absolutely certain you want and are authorizing them to place your sports contest choices throughout the term of the contest for you, in your absence. It is important to always utilize a reputable, known, experienced proxy betting company that has a high rank with players and venues alike. Don’t trust your picks and potential winnings to just anyone who says they will get it done for you – hire a company with a track record of getting exactly done what their clients want done, on time, every time. I like to know what it is going to cost me, too, which is why all factors figured in, I recommend kellyinvegas Proxy Service. They are approved at all key venues in town, have years of experience, and come highly recommended. They are the only proxy service in town that charges a flat fee, period. No surprises, no sharing.

Can I Get Someone to Place My Sports Contest Picks For Me?

Absolutely.  You, and the venue, need to know and feel comfortable with who you have empowered to do your bidding for you, though.When you choose a proxy bidding company to place your choices, or proxy bid as it is called, you need to know you can rely on timely and accurate service. You also need to make sure the company has a great reputation, has legitimacy and is approved by the venue, and they have fail-safe systems in place in case of weather, car trouble, digital down time, human frailty (as in welcome to flu season) and other things. Ask around or ask your chosen sports contest venue whom they approve to place proxy bids at their venue. In all likelihood the first company they will mention at the big contest joints will be kellyinvegas Proxy Service. They have been around for a very long time, have an excellent reputation, are known for their integrity and accuracy, and are one of the few if only proxy bid service companies in the entirety of Nevada that carries a full guarantee for their services.  They are also the only proxy company that charges by a flat rate, not a percentage or commission basis. You do not have to worry about sharing your potential winnings with anyone (besides the tax folks, they come first lol). kellyinvegas has a very reasonable flat fee system, making the service they provide you one and done. They will, however, help you celebrate if you make the winning touchdown on a big win, just like some of their clients last year who won the largest pools in Las Vegas sports contests. Check them out and schedule a time to meet at the venue to register. No cattle calls, no last minute rush, with professional, seamless service for your sports contest bets. In other words, proxy bets at their finest. Enjoy the game!