What is a Proxy Fee?

October 27, 2020

General Information

Many people who enjoy sports also enjoy taking advantage of their hunches, research, and knowledge to place picks for sports contests. Often, though, they think they have to be there for every game or weekend of the season to play. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is a special service available to help you with your sports venue picks in Nevada that works really well, is totally legal, and is supported by the biggest sports venues and casinos with the biggest money contests. It is called proxy betting. Proxy services allow someone else to act as your legal representative to place your sports picks for contests so you do not have to travel to or live in Nevada to participate in contests.

Proxy betting lets you hire a company or individual to place your event picks for you at the venue on an ongoing basis during the season for your chosen contest and sport. There are rules and regulations in place set down by both the Nevada Gaming Commission and each casino, and those rules are critical to making certain the contests are fairly run, totally transparent, and contest picks are placed on time and ethically. Each company offering services to place proxy bets runs a little differently. Some are recognized over others at the sports venues because of their longevity, quality of service, and known integrity. The proxy must be present with you to register at the start of the season at all venues, so the sports book knows you are the “owner” of the picks and the proxy is providing the service for you. Those services are covered by a fee, nearly always some form of commission or percent of winnings that goes back to the proxy. The proxy fee percentages can add up to a substantial cut of your potential winnings in nearly all cases, unless you are smart enough to utilize a flat fee service.  As far as I know, there is only one in Vegas, kellyinvegas Proxy Service.

Proxy Betting Takes the Stress Out of Sports Contests

Timing can be everything when you participate in sports contests and betting. Often who makes the cut on the roster, who is out for injuries, bad weather, and other factors affect the strategy you use to decide who will win or lose a particular game. There is also the factor of having to be on time and within the rules of the venue to place your sports picks. That means having to know the rules, travel or live in Nevada, and time your life around having to go to the venue to place your picks. Do you really want to do this for the seventeen weeks of the regular season, every week? Most people do not, and want a better and easier method for placing sports contest bets. That is exactly what proxy betting is for, making your life easier.

Wouldn’t it be great to not have to juggle all that and just be able to enjoy the game?

You bet it would. That is why proxy services that take care of placing picks for you via proxy betting are growing in popularity. Big players have utilized them for many years, as it takes the stress out of having to be present (as well as the cost) to get to the venue on time, before deadlines, and to make sure the picks are placed correctly.  You don’t have to deal with Las Vegas traffic, flights in and out of McCarran International, taxi or limo service, or planning your life around something as simple, but timing and accuracy critical, as placing your sports contest picks. Letting a qualified, recognized proxy service place your proxy bets at sports venues can save time, money, and headaches. Leave the sweating details to them so you can use your energy to plan your picks well so you can participate over the entire season with ease.  

Kellyinvegas Proxy Service Only Has Flat Rate Fees – You Keep Your Winnings

Most proxy service companies placing your picks on football and other sporting contests charge you a percentage of your winnings, or a commission for handling the proxy placements. There are a couple of challenges with that model.  One is there is less incentive to place your picks when and how you want them, according to the venue rules. The psychological mindset of “there is a one in a million chance” dampens the sense of urgency to make sure the picks get in on time, as the person or company only gets paid on the chance you win.  The other issue is they are on percentage or commission, a method that can prove both sticky and aggravating after you put the sweat and effort into intelligently planning your choices throughout the season, and then you are hit with a bill. The details and methods to calculate that bill for a percent of your earnings or a commission fee for handling it also means you have to figure out before or after taxes and other issues. Those percentages or commissions can add up to a LOT of money, as usually they are in the double digits. That takes a big bite out of your potential payback on your sports picks.

As far as I know there is only one venue in Las Vegas (Nevada, really) that works on a flat fee system for placing your sports venue choices, and that is Kellyinvegas Proxy Service. Kelly has been around for a number of years and has a really good reputation. They do several things differently than other proxy companies. They have an iron-clad guarantee to cover human error and mistakes, not some shoulder shrug of “sorry dude, we did not get there in time…. There was a line…. My car crapped out…” or some other lame excuse for not taking care of your pick placement. Was that pick the one that cost you the potential pot of thousands or millions? Could be. Kelly also has a very well laid out, redundant system in place in case of illness, car issues, traffic, goodness knows what that can happen in life and Vegas, to make sure that there are multiple people on their team who can act as backup to make sure your picks get placed on time, every time. They also have the latest placement times of any proxy company in Las Vegas, meaning you can make last minute changes to your strategy and rest assured those picks get to the venue and in when they need to arrive and post.

How Do I Know the Proxy Will Do What I Want Done?

All proxy services should operate with guarantees for performance and accuracy, but sadly, some do not. That is another reason I really like kellyinvegas Proxy Service. It is easy to sign up to meet your proxy at the sports venue to register for the season. (All venues require this, 100% of the time. They want to know who you, and the proxy, are, and that you are ok’ing them to handle your bets and transactions.) kellyinvegas has a solid guarantee against missing deadlines, errors, and omissions, and if they mess up, they will handle the rest of the season free of charge for you, besides refunding the fee for the picks experiencing issues. It is extremely rare they have to enact their guarantee, however, as KIV has fail-safe systems in place for multi-layer backup to make sure your choices get to the venue on time, by deadline, and placed properly. No excuses, no life interruptions, just high quality proxy service to take the strain and headache out of your having to be present on time and in place every week to place your sports bets.

If you want to see how Kellyinvegas works, they are happy to answer questions. Go to their website and fill out a little info on their contact form and they will fill you in or set you up with an appointment to register (not during cattle call before registration deadline, either.) They proxy at all the biggest venues for high dollar sports contests in the State of Nevada.