What Is a Proxy Service?

June 29, 2020

General Information

“I Want to Participate in a Las Vegas Handicapping Contest, But I Don’t Live in Las Vegas”…You Need a Proxy Service

Many people would like to take part in football contests and other sporting event contests but they simply don’t live in Nevada. If you do not live in Nevada, it is not a deal-breaker, you simply need a proxy service, because you have to be in the state to place picks in the sports contests in Nevada. Having a reliable way to get your picks placed on time and accurately is a winning solution, and one that can make the whole process painless. Just like hiring a substitute for a job, someone to hold the place in line, or a “body double”, hiring a proxy is possible and an economical, efficient way to get your football picks placed at the right time, at the right place, and without the headache of having to go to the casino or fly or drive to town just to place your contest selections.

Some people have a hard time understanding what a proxy service does. Think of it as hiring a professional to do a task for you that you can do, but it is better served by someone who knows exactly when, where, and how to do it. It is similar to hiring an attorney, accountant, or professional lawn care service. It saves you time and usually quite costly to do if you live out of the area. A sports contest is similar to the floor of an exchange – fast, with very specific rules, and surrounded by money. Hiring a proxy puts your representative on the floor, running for you and making sure your choices are honored on time, precisely, and without you having to be there to take care of them. A good proxy service can even place your choices via apps that are now available for some contests, for and from anywhere in Nevada. Ask when you talk to them what range of services they offer. Being able to handle your picks electronically in a secure manner expands your choices of contests and events you can partake.

Just What Is a Proxy Service?

A proxy service for sports contest picks provides a reliable, vetted person that you have met and gone to the casino or venue with to sign up for the season or event that is allowed to act in your place to enter your sportsbook weekly picks. A proxy service should be well known, respected by the casino, be able to provide you valid and solid referrals and credentials, and have a long, stable history in providing services. Those services include placing picks up to specific posting times so you can leverage your knowledge to place the most accurate, best timed picks possible in sports contests you have chosen to follow for the season. The proxy service also has a backup, in case the original person gets tied up in traffic, has to be two places at once, or runs into other challenges. Having mirrored, duplicate service coverage available guarantees your picks arrive at the right place, before the end of pick placement times, and in the contest correctly. The proxy is your stand-in to make sure those choices are taken care of in a timely manner, handled by a reputable firm.

If you do not live in Nevada, hiring a proxy service is a no-brainer to make your life easier during the football season. They can actually be a very good investment when you consider the challenges of flights with cost, and probably having to book a stay. Retaining a proxy service in Las Vegas means you make the first initial trip to sign up for the contest at the casino or venue with your proxy present, and you are set for the remainder of the season. They can then act legally on your behalf to place your picks and take care of any last-minute choices throughout a season. It is a good investment for peace of mind, lower stress, and knowing you will not miss a critical cut-off time to get your choices in for the week’s games.

How Do I Know They Are Legit?

Several key considerations should come up when you are researching a proxy service to handle your sports picks in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company needs to be able to provide references. They need to be recognized and respected at the casino or sport contest location you wish to place picks with, and they need longevity. Due to strict Nevada Gaming Commission regulations, rules, and oversight, the casinos have to be extremely aware of who they work with in all contests. Since it is required that you must make the initial visit with the proxy to the casino or venue, it will become immediately apparent that the proxy is known, respected, and has a solid working relationship with the venue. That recognition and respect comes from working closely with the casino, following the rules, and handling all transactions with professional decorum and as a true business transaction.

Ask questions of the proxy service. Ask how long they have been in business, where they operate from, how many clients they handle, and other “typical” business inquiries. After all, a proxy service is a service business, just as much as hiring a runner to transport valuables or someone to stand in and represent you or your company at an event, meeting, or other happening. Making sure that the proxy follows all local, county, state, and most importantly, Gaming Commission rules and regulations is critical. Nevada takes contest transactions and any event in a casino or other venue involving picks and choices extremely seriously. Your proxy service should as well. A long history of satisfied clients, blended with a solid, comfortable relationship with the sports venue, can assure you the proxy service you choose is reliable, honest, and operates with integrity.

What’s It Going to Cost Me and Do They Get a Cut?

When hiring a proxy service, you need to make sure they know what they are doing, and have been doing it for a long time. There is no substitution for experience and strong recommendations when it comes to hiring someone to place picks for you in contests. You need to know they operate with the highest integrity, know what they are doing, and do it on time. Missing a cutoff on placing your picks can be an expensive mistake, and so can placing it incorrectly. Cheap proxy services often are cheap because of lack of experience, no history, or running under radar. Don’t be fooled by services that pop up and offer to do things for little to nothing, because nothing is probably what you will get in terms of solid, accurate pick placement and service.

After reliability and integrity, perhaps one of the most important factors in choosing a proxy service is the cost to retain and utilize the proxy. Most services have traditionally offered their handling for a fee plus a percentage of your winnings. That can get very costly when your contest entry comes in and hits. A proxy that offers flat fee service with no percentage is a pure service business relationship. You know exactly what you are getting for a set price, and the proxy does their job. You can rely on them handling your picks during football season or for other events efficiently, with confirmation to you that it was done and when. After the event closes and the results post, you know exactly what is coming to you, with no guessing or surprises for commissions, percentages, or hidden fees.

Why Are Cut-Off Times So Critical When Hiring a Proxy Service in Nevada?

Cut-off times are just that, the last time you can place picks by utilizing the information you gather leading up to weekly picks. Information is power in the sportsbook world, and the more up-to-the-minute your information is, the better your choices. Sadly too many proxy services use earlier cut-off times so it is “convenient” for them to place your picks at the venue. That means making choices on Friday evening instead of Saturday morning when you may not have all the most current information yet about who got pulled from the roster, who is on the injury report for the game, or weather conditions. Working with a proxy service who has the latest, closest to cut-off times and with a solid record of making those cut-offs at the venue on time and accurately is a big plus.  It is also critical that the proxy service has a back-up protocol in place so that if issues come up that you are not relying on just one party to get the task done.

When you are looking for a proxy service for placing sports contest picks, ask if they provide last minute or late night services. They should be able to accurately and immediately tell you the correct cut-off times for each contest at your venue of choice, in terms of local Vegas time and your time zone. This lets you plan and also provides reassurance that the proxy service knows their game and is on it. If the service you are talking to doesn’t offer cuts off-hours that are within reason and ahead of the sportsbook cutoff, they are running their service at their convenience and not for true service to their customers.

Relationship and Location Are Everything in Sportsbook Proxy Service

Having a relationship that is built on reputation, service, and integrity goes a long way in feeling you can rely on a sports contest service to proxy or handle your picks on a regular basis. A good proxy service works with your schedule and handles your picks just as diligently as any other fiduciary relationship should be handled. They should be available when you are for that initial visit to the casino, something required by all venues in Nevada, and not at their convenience. They should be organized, have all the initial information done to set up your accounts ahead of time and be organized and efficient. After all, if you have to come to Vegas to set up your season’s contest registration, you may as well have a little fun while here, right? Honoring your time is the sign of a good reputable business. Lastly, they need strong security measures in place to protect your personal information, booking cards, and data. You need to know your info and choices are in safe hands at all times.

When you need on time, late as possible, accurate service from an established sports contest proxy company, you need to look at KellyInVegas Proxy Service. They charge no percentages, everything is a reasonable flat fee. They have the latest cut-off times in the industry, bar none. They can provide references, reviews, and recommendations from their many satisfied clients over the last five years of offering proxy services in Las Vegas and greater Nevada. When I place sports picks, I want to know it is done right so I can enjoy the game. KellyInVegas will take care of those choices and it will be done correctly for one reasonable flat cost. Give them a call or contact them online and sit back knowing you can concentrate on the game and how much you stand to win.