What is Sports Handicapping?

November 22, 2020

General Information

Sports Handicapping Has Nothing To Do With The Injured List

A lot of people get involved in sports contests because they are in the casino and see the fun, the excitement, and the potentially humongous payouts if your picks perform well over the course of the season. Once they are involved and get serious about the “hobby” (some folks do it for a living), they begin to realize that there is a ton of information out there about the sport, the teams, who made the roster, how the coach is calling the play book, and a million other things. A serious sports contest contestant begins to listen, learn, and absorb everything they can about what might affect who wins or how the spread may go between two contenders on any given weekend.  This practice of learning all you can to make more educated picks is a wide definition of what is referred to as sports handicapping.

Just what is handicapping? Here is a fuzzy math definition (big breath) -Handicapping gives an advantage or possible benefit to one side of a contest or contestant over another by means of giving scoring advantage or leeway, a points spread, or detailed information up to and including very complex computer programming, to create a “law of averages” increased potential to possibly improve the odds of choosing correctly in a contest pick. Simple version? You “guess” or “hunch” becomes a much more educated, calculated, intelligent pick.  There are many sports and other events where an edge or benefit is given in points, score, or calculation towards the less advantaged contender, making the contest more evenly matched overall from a betting perspective. You see this most often in points spreads and odds given in horse racing.

Is Sports Handicapping Legal?

For many years illegal or discouraged in casino or other wagered contexts, sports handicapping has become a big industry providing everything from solid, excellently researched and intelligently offered free advice, to big business and full time careers for some serious handicappers. It is legal and now a big part of the sports contest industry.  It has been around probably since time began as a means to make it easier for a wide range of participants to play golf, or shorten up the distance from the pitcher’s mound to home plate for the little guys.  Good sports handicapping involves a solid knowledge and study of one particular sport, and keeping up with the standings, scores, injury list, trades, and all the other factors that go into affecting a team’s performance on any given week.   Weather and even stadium and crowd conditions are taken into account. (Any Bengal fans here? You get it.)  It is interesting to note that handicap comes from the historical “hand-i-cap”, where participants in a trade put their coins into a neutral cap to come to agreement over items being traded. If you watch football draft, you can sure see the relationship.

So Just How Does Sports Handicapping Help Me?

Many people get involved in Las Vegas sports contests for the fun of it and quickly realize that there is a lot of strategy, thought, and a bit of luck that goes into the picks. There are many places to get free information and pick suggestions from handicapping sites on the Internet to real people and publications.  Usually, unless you want to drop money on a very serious, mathematically based computer program access that spits out the latest crunched thoughts on who has the best chance of winning, you probably do not need to spend money paying for sports picks. Read, listen, and learn. There are many blogs, a lot of sites, and a bazillion armchair quarterbacks offering their opinions and ideas. Some you need to discount, but some are seriously good at what they do and have hard-core reasons for doing it. Look around and ask, read blogs, watch the sports reports, and start to make note of what seems to affect outcomes. All that information down to what team simply cannot survive playing on Landau Field in a typical lovely Wisconsin blowing snow storm makes a difference – and gives you an edge to handicap for your own picks.

Can Sports Handicapping Help Me Make Better Picks in Sports Contests?

There is almost no factoid that is of no significance when it comes to placing picks in one of the big-ticket sports contests. Trust me when I say the guys who play to win are doing so with some intelligence and forethought, not just shooting in the wind. They keep track of what and who affects scores and outcomes, and know going into the next weekend how a hurt QB or coaching change is going to affect the potential outcome of a game. One of the most important universal truths in sports handicap pursuit, though, is focus on one sport. Few people can keep up with the amount of statistics and data that are out there to help you formulate a plan and strategy for placing your weekly picks in a sports contest. You will know clearly, through well posted rules, if the casino has any setups for points spreads or any other factor that can affect who wins with a pick that week. Know what and how your contest runs, and plan your sports handicap research accordingly.

How Does Sports Handicapping Work With Proxy Bids?

In his day, Jimmy “the Greek” Snyder made a lot of money for people who listened to his NFL broadcasts and predictions. Was he a handicapper?  Not exactly….because it was somewhat illegal and frowned upon to place sports wagers at that time. During the years he worked the CBS Sunday morning “The NFL Today” program, though, he had an uncanny ability to be very accurate predicting final scores. It was because of his attention to the detail and issues that surrounded every player, every team, every call, in games. Times have changed and so has sports contest availability.  Today there are professional handicappers who make a living out in the open with their ability to crunch data and numbers, accurately predicating over the long haul what will happen on the gridiron any given game.

What you know about your favorite sport that you are now placing picks on is super important and valuable. Do a little research to go along with the trends and weekly information you gather. Try and step back from your likes and desires and take a long view of how, overall, the Vegas venues are looking at the big picture of this week’s games and who is likely to win or loose and by how much.  Then use a good, reputable proxy bid provider to get your picks in according to the rules and under the deadline each week. The time you spend having to go to the casino can be spent polishing up your game day knowledge, letting you make better picks with better chances of overall season total scores. Since your proxy bidder only acts as a service provider and does not offer information, you can rest assured their interest is in providing you great service and no excuses. Personally I like kellyinvegas Proxy Service. They are the only one in Vegas that has a flat fee system to handle your pick placement.  It is reasonable, accurate, and on time. Check them out. You can sign up for an appointment to have them meet you at your chosen sports venue to register for the next round of contests. Less stress, and more time to hone your handicapping skills are good investments for a more enjoyable, relaxing hobby. Tell’em Jimmy sent ya’.